Sugar news from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Aug 17, 2018

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers in Orel and Krasnodar regions continue harvesting sugar beet. As of August 16, 2018, total 8.7 thousand hectares, or 0.8% of the sown area (in 2017 - 30.3 thousand hectares) were harvested. A volume of 278,300 tons was collected (in 2017, 1.4 million tons); the average yield makes 31.88 MT from hectare (in 2017 – 46.81 MT/ha).


According to the analysis of data by Statkom of the Republic of Belarus, conducted by, production of sugar in July 2018 practically has not changed, remaining over the month at 0.2 thousand MT (in the previous month - 0.2 thousand MT, in July 2017 - 0.1 thousand MT). Production of sugar by January-July 2018 decreased compared to the same period last year by 54,50% and has made 67 thousand MT (in 2017 - 147 thousand MT).


The harvest of sugar beet in Ukraine will be less this year compared to previous season year, however, the average yield in the central and western regions may approach 50.0 MT/ha, according to representatives of Ukrtsukor. At the moment sugar content is low - 13.4%, last year in the same period the level was 14.8%. On August 10, the average weight of beets is 417 g, which is 18.2% more than last year.



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