Sugar news from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Aug 01, 2018

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A balance has established in the Russian market: sugar factories are loaded almost at full and keep processing the entire volume of raw materials - sugar beets, say representatives of the industry sugar union. The existing capacities in the country allow producing up to 7 million tons of sugar per year (in 2017 - 6.6 million tons), with domestic consumption of sugar at around 5.8 million tons.


According to the analysis of figures by the FCS of Kazakhstan, conducted by Sugar.Ru, in 5 months (January-May 2018) trade balance with countries that are not part of the CU zone looks as follows: imports of raw sugar (HS code 170114) amounted to 125.28 thousand tons (95.3 thousand tons from Brazil and 20 thousand tons from Cuba). Import of white sugar (HS code 170199) was 9.91 thousand tons, the main suppliers were Poland (6.6 thousand tons) and the Netherlands (3.3 thousand tons). Export of white sugar made 48.29 thousand tons – all went to Uzbekistan.


"Sugar Union "Ukrros" company, which owned 6 sugar plants back in 2009, was declared bankrupt. In 2012 the company was bought by the agricultural holding "Kernel", which today is the only one, not counting the State fiscal service, the creditor of the bankrupt.



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