Sugar beets condition in Russia as of 01.07.2018

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According to Rosstat data processed by, 142 thousand tons of chocolate and confectionery sugary products were produced in the Russian Federation in May 2018 (-6.1% compared to the previous month and + 9.0% by May 2017).

According to the Voronezh Regional Administration, in the season 2018/19 sugar factories plan to procure 5.5 million tons of sugar beet. Today the root weight is average 59 grams, which is 18 grams lower than last year.

According to the operative data of Soyuzrossahar dated 09.06.2018 sugar beet was sown at an area of 1 128.8 thousand hectares.

As of 01.07.2018:

  • beet weight makes 81 g (in 2017 - 92 g, in 2016 - 125 g)
  • weight of tops is 124 g (in 2017 - 196, in 2016 - 237 g)
  • plant density - 96 thousand pieces per 1 hectare (in 2017 - 96, in 2016 - 97 thousand pieces).

According to price monitoring data for the period from 28.06.2018 to 05.07.2018 the US dollar rate increased by 0,1% (on 28.06 - RUR 63,14/$, on 05.07 - RUR 63,23/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar dropped by 2,00 RUR/kg (-5,97%), Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by 0,90 RUR/kg (-2,82%). US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar dropped by $0,033 /kg (-6,21%), Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by $0,015 /kg (-2,97%).

Over the past week, wholesale prices for sugar declined slightly, the official catalyst was Rusagro, which dropped the price to 39 rubles per kilogram, although other companies, including the largest, unofficially shipped the commodity at close prices.

Export of sugar by rail for five days of July remains at the level of the previous two months (was about 16 thousand tons per month). Transit of sugar by the Russian railway to Central Asia and Azerbaijan fell slightly in June, but still remains at the level of about 50 thousand tons per month. There are reports of increased demand for Russian sugar in Kazakhstan, but such export is constrained by the lack of railcars from Russian Railways.

We continue to believe that there is reason for the price to rise before the start of the new season:

  • the problem with the harvest in the Southern Federal District and the shift in harvesting time in the central part of Russia, with the risks of encountering bad weather during the harvesting and storage of beets in the field piles.
  • incomprehensible situation in Kazakhstan, which forces to import sugar
  • problem with wagons, creating local deficit points in the eastern part of Russia.


The Salivonkovo sugar plant (Kyiv region of Ukraine) started construction of a storage facility for granulated beet pulp with a capacity of 7,960 cubic meters.



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