Russian and CIS sugar news, Jul 03, 2018

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On July 1 hail storm has damaged sugar beet crops in the Stavropol Territory, the size of the hailstones was up to 3 cm. The crops were partially demolished in five districts of the province. In Krasnodar, the same hail caused damage for about 1.5 billion rubles according to provisional estimates, agricultural crops on an area of more than 60,000 hectares, including sugar beet, have suffered.


Minister of Economy Timur Suleimenov justified growing sugar prices by some seasonal factors (according to KazStat consumer sugar prices increased by 4.8% in for June). According to him, it is unrealistic to completely eliminate the regular increase in sugar prices in certain seasons.

According to, there are two vessels with raw sugar in the name of Kazakhstan in from Novorossiysk being on roads since the end of March, with only 6 thousand tons unloaded out of the total volume of 68 thousand tons.


Consumer sugar prices declined by 2.3% in June 2018 compared to the previous month, the State Statistics Committee said.


According to the National Statistics Service, consumer sugar prices increased by 0.3% in June 2018 from the previous month; in annual terms (June 2018 vs. June 2017) - decreased by 18.24%.



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