Sugar news from Russia and CIS countries, Apr 16, 2018

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of April 13, 2018, sugar beet was sown on an area of 231.4 thousand hectares or 21.1% of the forecast (in 2017 - 407.9 thousand hectares).

Kirsanov sugar plant "Crystal" was the last to close juice extraction season of 2017/18 finishing operation on April 4, after 227 days of operation and manufacture of a record 100.1 thousand tons of sugar.

The program for the modernization of the Sergach sugar factory for 2018 envisages about 250 million rubles, according to the general director of the investor company – LLC Agrofirma Vesna. In 2017 the company processed about 240,000 tons of beet and produced 32,000 tons of sugar. This season an increase of processing volumes by at least 30% and production of more than 45 thousand tons of sugar is drafted, the plant representatives announced.


According to the customs service, in March 2018, the export of sugar amounted to 2.8 thousand tons, in just 3 months of 2018 - 7.1 thousand tons (in 2017 - 13.4 thousand tons). Imports of sugar and raw sugar in March amounted to 767 tons in January-March 2018 - 17.5 thousand tons (in 2017 - 81.6 thousand tons).


As of April 13, farmers in Ukraine have planted sugar beet out on an area of 39 thousand hectares (13% of the forecasted 302 thousand hectares), reports the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.


At the Aksu sugar factory there is a second wave of modernization, after which the company will be able to receive and process 150,000 tons of beets.


The Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus has extended the period of state price regulation for sugar for another 90 days - until July 15, 2018



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