Sugar news from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan ans Uzbekistan, Jan 17, 2018

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Rusagro plans to build a molasses processing station at owned Chernyansky sugar plant in Belgorod region. This will be the second similar line run by the group and the third in the country and it is projected to process all molasses from Rusagro plants.

The Arbitration Court completed the bankruptcy proceedings at Varyag LLC (the main activity is the wholesale trade with sugar), the founder of which is the well-known Lipetsk businessman Vasily Bocharnikov. The outstanding debt of the liquidated company to creditors included in the register of claims is almost 480 million rubles ($ 8.5 million at the Central Bank exchange rate as of January 17, 2013)


According to the customs service of Azerbaijan, sugar exports amounted to 511 tons in December 2017, in 12 months of 2017 - 61.2 thousand tons. Import of sugar and raw sugar in December amounted to 19.0 thousand tons; in January-December 2017 - 368.7 thousand tons.

According to the statistics of, 114.7 thousand tons of Russian, 20.2 thousand tons of Belarusian and 49.5 thousand tons of Ukrainian white sugar were exported to Azerbaijan via the Russian railway in 2017. Deliveries of raw sugar in 2017, according to the sea port monitoring data by, amounted to 187.4 thousand tons.


According to the analysis of Statkom of the Republic of Belarus, conducted by, production of sugar increased over the month by 3.75% in December 2017 and has made 157.6 thousand MT (in the last month - 151.9 thousand MT, in December 2016 - 114.9 thousand MT). Production of sugar by January-December 2017 decreased compared to the same period last year by 12,87% and has made 738 thousand MT (in 2016 - 847 thousand MT).


Two sugar plants in Uzbekistan, which temporarily suspended work in November last year, were forced to extend forced leave until April 2018, without giving employees guarantees on the launch date. The problems at the sugar factories began after the liberalization of the currency and sugar market of Uzbekistan, as a result of which the commodity imported Russia, Belarus and Ukraine became cheaper than the local sugar, received by processing imported raw sugar.


The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has endorsed the Decree, according to which, starting from February 1, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan is prohibited to adopt any resolutions that provide individual economic entities with individual customs, tax and other benefits, as well as other preferences for the importation of food products into the republic; meanwhile the producers of sugar are exempted January 1, 2019 from the payment of value added tax in pro rata to volumes produced from imported raw materials



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