Sugar exports/imports data from Russia and Ukraine, Jan 10, 2018

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According to the analysis of customs declarations of FCS, the results of 11 months of beet pulp import campaign, Russia has shipped in 0.3 thousand tons (in 2016 - 0.1 thousand MT; in 2015 - 0.0 MT).

In November 2017 Russia has exported 861.3 thousand tons of beet pulp. According to the results of 11 months of beet pulp export campaign, Russia has shipped out 861.3 thousand tons (in 2016 - 977.9 thousand MT; in 2015 - 732.6 thousand MT). In the period January - November 2017, the main countries importers of beet pulp from Russia were LATVIA (21.14%) and NETHERLANDS (19.57%).


According to the analysis data by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine conducted, in 12 months (January - December) of 2017, imports of sugar (HS code 1701) has made 1830 tons, export - 599 338 tons for the total value of $ 280 126 000. The main importers of sugar from Ukraine are Sri Lanka (10.83%), Turkey (8.76%) and Libya (7.20%). Import of other sugars (HS code 1702) made 12,863 tons; export - 46,333 tons. The main importer of other sugars from Ukraine is Nigeria (29.35%). Export of molasses (HS code 1703) reached 81,099 tons, more than half of which went to Hungary.


Ukraine has produced 2.018 million tons of sugar and processed 14.07 million tons of sugar beet by January 9 at 46 sugar plants in operation in the season, according to Ukrtsukor.


According to Statkom of Kazakhstan, the wholesale price of white sugar in December 2017 decreased by 0.51% and amounted to 194 Tenge/kg (in 2016 - 214 Tenge/kg, in 2015 - 190 Tenge/kg), or RUR 34.00/kg (at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by the middle of the reporting month).



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