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Russia may produce a record 6.5 million tons of beet sugar this year, the Institute for Agrarian Market Studies (IKAR) forecasts. Not less than 6 million tons of sugar can be produced from the volume of beets received by the factories by December 18, but they have already produced 5.69 million tons. In addition, part of the beet is stored in field piles, and this is still about 0.5 million tons of sugar.

Consumer sugar prices fell by 0.8% in December 12 – 18, 2017 in Russia; and from the beginning of the year (compared to the end of December 2016) - by 23.3%, according to Rosstat.

According to price monitoring data for the period from 14.12.2017 to 21.12.2017 the US dollar rate dropped by 0.7% (on 14.12 – RUR 59.14/$, on 21.12 – RUR 58.72/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar dropped by RUR 0.20 /kg (-0.73%), Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by RUR 1.00 /kg
(-3.97%). US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar has not changed staying at the level of $ 0.462/kg, Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by $ 0.014/kg (-3.29%).

In the week that has begun, the decline of prices continued, wholesale prices for sugar fell from 24.70 rubles per kilogram to 24.00 rubles per kilogram exw factories in the central part of Russia, but even at that price the demand for sugar remains low, and we will probably see a further decline in prices. In regions some retail chains offer sugar at a price of 25 rubles per kilo already, which forces regional wholesale buyers to demand sugar at a price below 24.00 rubles per kilogram from producers.

Sugar beet harvesting and processing are on the finish line, the deterioration of weather leads to the fact that it is cheaper for companies to leave part of the beet in the fields. Already today a number of producers in the central part of Russia complain about the quality of beets and plan to stop the factories ahead the schedule, apparently it will be necessary to review the final production of sugar downwards by 50-100 thousand tons.

Export of sugar continues at a record pace. In 20 days of December Uzbekistan imported 45,600 tons of white sugar from Russia, in the first twenty days of December, a volume of 60.9 thousand tons of white sugar was exported from Russia by rail, thus making the absolute monthly record for the Russian Federation, and there are another 10 days before the end of this months. It is not excluded that in December we will witness up to 80-90 thousand tons of white sugar exported by rail only.


Sugar factories of Poltava region of Ukraine have completed beet processing season. Total 1.5 million tons of sugar beet was accepted and 230.8 thousand tons of sugar was produced. The production yield of sugar was 15.2%, the administration of the region reports.



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