Russian sugar exports and imports data for January-November 2017

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According to the railway monitoring data by for January-November 2017, Russia imported 207,352 MT of sugar. The largest exporting countries to Russia were Belarus (94.37%) and Lithuania (4.84%). Russian exports amounted to 328,049 MT, the main recipient countries were Kazakhstan (42.25%) and Azerbaijan (31.98%), domestic shipments amounted to 1,627,121 MT, the largest volume of shipments was made by Cheremovsky (4.53%) and Kirsanovsky (Crystal) (4.40%) sugar mills. Total transit by rail through the territory of Russia was 210191 MT.

In the season of 2017/18 Russian exports grew at a significant pace. By the end of 4 months, Russia exported almost 111,000 tons of commodity by rail, the largest importers of Russian sugar are Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, but at current rates they risk overtaking Uzbekistan

Import of white sugar since the beginning of the season amounted to 50.9 thousand tons, and in November the import of sugar from Belarus dropped significantly. Excluding the supply of European sugar to the Kaliningrad enclave, we can say that in November the import of sugar was extremely low.

Competitors of Russia in the struggle for the supply of sugar to the CIS markets are primarily Ukraine and Belarus. So, only on the Russian railway (there is still the possibility of sea shipments  and transit through Georgia), Ukraine has delivered 34 thousand tons of white sugar to Azerbaijan this season (Russia for the same period - 37.3 thousand tons), and Belarus - 19 thousand tons to Kazakhstan 8,5 thousand tons to Tajikistan (Russia, respectively, 39,9 thousand tons and 7,2 thousand tons). Also, Ukraine actively participates in the supply of sugar to Uzbekistan from the Orzhitsky and Kobelyatsky sugar factories.


The duty on import of raw sugar to the Customs Union remains at $ 240/MT in December 2017. The average monthly price for raw sugar at the ICE stock exchange was $ 330,00/MT in November 2017, respectively, the import duty in January 2018 will decrease to $ 203/MT.


As of 1 December, 2017, sugar beet was harvested from an area of 97,8 thousand hectares or 100% of the area sown (in 2016 - 94,3 thousand hectares), the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus informs. Bulk harvest makes 5026,6 thousand MT (in 2016 - 4337,3 thousand MT) of beets, with an average yield of 514,2 MT/ha (in 2016 – 459,8 MT/ha).



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