Sugar price monitoring data by and news from Ukraine, Nov 16, 2017

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The 11th place in the rating of RBC fast-growing companies in Russia was taken by a large producer and distributor of sugar "Investprom-Opt." The company's revenue for 2016 amounted to 7.5 billion rubles, an increase of 1.7 billion rubles for the year, RBC reports.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of November 15, 2017, sugar beet in the country was harvested from an area of 1114.1 thousand hectares or 94.7% of the crop acreage (in 2016 - 1.0 million hectares).

According to price monitoring data for the period from 09.11.2017 to 16.11.2017 the US dollar rate increased by 1,7% (on 09.11 - RUR 59,25/$, on 16.11 - RUR 60,25/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by 1,50 RUR/kg (+6,00%), Krasnodar wholesale price increased by 2,10 RUR/kg (+9,17%). US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by $0,018 /kg (+4,27%), Krasnodar wholesale price increased by $0,028 /kg (+7,24%).

The uptrend for wholesale prices for sugar, which began last week, continued, and at this moment, getting agitated, companies increase prices several times a day. On Thursday, prices from factories in the south and central part of Russia reached the level of 24.5 - 25 rubles per kilogram. The joy of sellers is understandable, the lower level of 22 rubles per kilo was obviously unprofitable, although last year the price of 30 rubles per kilo seemed to be the end of the world. A further rise in prices is still possible, but it is limited by the subsequent decline in the export of sugar to the CIS environment.

Several factors play a role in this increase. Firstly, a number of companies have disappeared from trading in the market: the Tkachev agrocomplex plants offer only sugar without VAT, but at a price close to wholesale with VAT, Pokrovsky entered the market only on Thursday with a high price of 27 rubles per kilo, "Dominant" holds relatively high prices and sells from only one plant in the Krasnodar region, "Prodimex", excluding small lots at an affordable prices, puts the price certainly higher than the market, etc. Secondly, the dollar and the prices at the New York and London stock exchanges have grown recently, which makes European sugar less competitive with Russia. Thirdly, with the beginning of exports to Uzbekistan, hopes are associated that the surplus of sugar in the market of the EAEC countries will be less. Well, fourthly, weather conditions make it difficult to remove the remaining sugar beet from the fields, which can lead to a revision of the harvest in the direction of decrease.

As of mid-November, exports continue to inspire optimism, in the first half of the month total 18,600 tons of white sugar was exported by rail, mainly to Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan continues to import sugar reaching total 2.6 thousand tons (1.9 thousand tons of Chishminsky, 679,000 tons - Otradinsky) since the beginning of November, the rumors speak of contracts with a number of sugar companies in Russia.  Total Russian exports by rail have made 79 thousand tons (for 4 full months of the 2016/17 season - 57 thousand tons) since the beginning of the season.


According to Ukrstat, as of November 10, 2017, the average consumer price of sugar in Ukraine was 13.41 UAH/kg (29.92 rubles/kg at the Central Bank exchange rate for the reporting day), which is 3.50% less than the price of the previous observation date 11 days ago. Over the year (since November 10, 2016) sugar has decreased in price by 8.46%, in two years (since November 10, 2015) the price of sugar has decreased by 11.78%. The highest prices are observed in the Transcarpathian region - 14.13 UAH/kg, the lowest - in the Rivne region, 12.78 UAH/kg.

As of November 15, total volume of 1.38 million tons of sugar was produced out of 9.79 million tons of sugar beet processed at 41 sugar plants are operating, Ukrtsukor reports.

According to Statkom of Ukraine, wholesale price of sugar from producers decreased by 3.86% in September 2017 and has made 12253.8 UAH/MT (in September 2016 - 11042.5 UAH/MT). Russian rouble equivalent price (at the exchange rate of the Russian Central Bank for the middle of the reporting month) has decreased by 9.06% in September 2017 and has made 27052.9 RUB/MT (in September 2016 - 27275.1 RUB/MT). USD equivalent price (at the exchange rate of the Russian Central Bank for the middle of the reporting month) has decreased by 5.87% in September 2017 and has made 468.3 USD/MT (in September 2016 - 419.8 USD/MT).



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