Sugar news from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Nov 14, 2017

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According to Soyuzrossahar, as of November 13, 2017,  total 1109.0 thousand hectares (or 94.7% of the crop acreage) were harvested with 47.8 million tons of sugar beet collected. The average yield was 43.1 MT/ha.

According to Soyuzrossahar, as of November 13, 2017, more than 4.2 million tons of sugar were produced from the beet crop of 2017. Over 34.5 million tons of sugar beet stocked. The sugar content and sugar yield are higher by 1.00% and 0.90%, respectively, compared to the same period last year. In addition, from the beginning of the production season, sugar mills produced 900 thousand tons of granulated pupl and about 1.1 million tons of beet molasses.


According to the figures by Williams Brasil dated November 14, 2017, total 22 vessels have been nominated to carry 777020 MT of raw cane sugar in 2017 season from Brazilian seaports to the Black/Baltic seaports with end-receivers in CIS, Georgia and Baltic states. As of today, the volume received and unloaded makes 642020 MT from 18 vessels, based on data.


As of 14 November, 2017, sugar beet was harvested from an area of 97 thousand hectares or 99,2% of the area sown (in 2016 - 94,1 thousand hectares), the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus informs. Bulk harvest makes 4857,3 thousand MT (in 2016 - 4204,9 thousand MT) of beets, with an average yield of 500,7 MT/ha (in 2016 – 446,9 MT/ha).


According to the National Statistics Committee, consumer prices for granulated sugar in the country decreased by 2.08% in October 2017, and from the beginning of the year - by 5.41%. The average consumer price for refined sugar in October was 1.65 Belarusian rubles / kg. (47.54 rubles / kg at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation).


According to the Economic Discussion Club, as of 01.11.2017 the national sugar refineries produced 1035 thousand tons of sugar from beet of a new crop. Taking into account the carry over stocks, the total supply of Ukrainian sugar at the beginning of November is estimated at 1277 thousand tons. Total 231 thousand tons were channeled for domestic consumption in September-October 2017. Total 59 thousand tons of sugar were delivered for export in the 2 months of the current marketing period (which is 1.7 times less than in September-October 2016). Taking into account the sugar reserves at the beginning of the marketing year, domestic consumption and exports balance, the estimated sugar remainder as of 01.11.2017 is estimated at 987 thousand tons. The current estimate of total sugar production in the season of 2017/2018 remains at the level of the previous month and makes 2 million tons.



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