Sugar news from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, Nov 03, 2017

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of November 2, 2017, sugar beet in the country was harvested from the area of 1033.6 thousand hectares or 87.9% of the crop area (in 2016 - 966.3 thousand hectares).


In the period October 1 to December 31, 2017 Russian Railway will apply a 30% discount to the tariff for transportation of raw sugar in grain railcars transit to the Republics of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan through Russian ports


According to the administration of the Ternopol region, almost 900,000 tons of beets were harvested from an area of over 16,000 hectares or 57% of the acreage sown. The average yield is more than 55.6 MT/ha, which is almost 15.0 MT/ha higher compared to 2016.


Following a long break, the largest sugar factory in Shopokovo, after being rebuilt at the expense of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund, was put into operation. The enterprise was launched in the test mode with 3 000 tons of beet being processed every day.



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