Sugar news from Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, Aug 14, 2017

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture report date August 11, 2017, sugar beet was harvested from the area of 15.6 thousand hectares or 1.3% of the area sown (in 2016 - 16.8 thousand hectares). A volume of 726.1 thousand tons of sugar beet was collected (in 2016 - 779,100 tons) at an average yield of 46.43 MT/ha (in 2016 – 46.38 MT/ha).


More than 4.5 million tons of sugar beet is planned to harvest in Tambov region in 2017. Uvarovsky sugar factory (Dominant) is scheduled to start operation on August 20; LLC Rusagro-Tambov – on August 25; and on September 1 – Kirsanovsky (ASB).


LLC "Biysk Sugar Factory" was put up for sale for 161.3 million rubles. The auction is scheduled for September 20. Applications are accepted from July 17 to September 18. The step of the auction is 8.06 million rubles. A single lot, which will be offered at the auction, includes a list of the property of the plant as well.


According to Sugar.Ru, Lgovsky sugar plant (Kursk region, Orion-Invest) will start to process beets on August 16.


GC "Rusagro" published the financial results of the first half of 2017. Sales of the sugar division amounted to 14,601 million rubles in 6 months (In 2016 – 15219 million rubles); operating profit in 2017 – 879 million rubles (in 2016 – 4 399 million rubles). In the first half of 2017, total 137,000 tons of white sugar were produced (all made of beet); sales volume was 390,000 tons (344,000 tons in 2016), the average selling price (excluding VAT) was RUR 33.9/kg (in 2016 – 42.1 rubles/kg).


According to Ukrstat, on August 10, 2017, the average consumer price of sugar in Ukraine was 16.28 UAH/kg (37.94 rubles/kg at the Central Bank exchange rate for the reporting day), which is 0.12% less than the price of the previous date of observation, 10 days ago. For a year, since August 10, 2016, sugar has grown in price by 19.01%, for two years, since August 10, 2015, the price of sugar has risen by 38.67%.

The highest prices are observed in the Luhansk region – 17.30 UAH/kg, the lowest – in the Rovny region: 15.54 UAH/kg.

Wholesale selling prices for the week increased by 0.33% and were in the range of 15150-15350 UAH/MT (35480-35948.5 rubles/MT). The price range for beet pulp granulated was 3500-3800 UAH/MT (8196.7-8899.3 rubles/MT). The price range for molasses is 2500-2800 UAH/t (5854.8-6557.4 rubles/MT).


According to the customs service, in July 2017, sugar exports amounted to 5.7 thousand tons, or total exports in 7 months of 2017 – 46.1 thousand tons (in 2016 – 60.9 thousand tons). Import of sugar and raw sugar in July amounted to 63.1 thousand tons in January-July 2017 - 212.2 thousand tons (in 2016 – 183.4 thousand tons)



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