Russian and CIS sugar news, Jun 09, 2017

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Import of sugar from non-CIS countries amounted to 22.2 million US dollars in May 2017, the value of sugar imports in May in annual terms (by May 2016) increased by 33.1%, according to the FCS.


The national production of sugar from sugar beet amounted to 527.3 thousand tons in 4 months of 2017, which is three times more than a year earlier (174.2 thousand tons). As of June 5, 2017, the sowing of sugar beets was almost complete with 1 179.3 thousand hectares seeded or 104.5% of the forecast (in 2016 - 1067.6 thousand hectares), according to the Ministry of Agriculture.



According to the Kazakhstan Statcom, the wholesale price of sugar increased by 0.90% in May 2017 and amounted to 224 Tenge / kg, or 40.55 rubles per kilo at the rate of the CBR for the middle of the reporting month (in 2016 - 207 Tenge/kg, in 2015 - 147 Tenge/kg).


Ukrainian exports of sugar amounted to 48.4 thousand tons in May,, which is 33% less compared to the previous month, according to Ukrtsukor. The largest deliveries in May were as follows: Togo - 15 thousand tons, Turkey - 8.8 thousand tons and Gambia - 8 thousand tons. The total volume of sugar exports amounted to 732 thousand tons in September-May of the current MY.


According to Gosstat, sugar prices from producers decreased by 0.6% in May 2017,, and on an annualized basis (May 2017 to May 2016) - increased by 19.8%. Consumer prices in May increased by 0.3%, and in annual terms - by 12.1%.


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has resolved to abolish the state regulation of food prices starting from July 1.


According to the National Statistical Committee, consumer prices for refined sugar have decreased by 1.4% in May 2017, since early 2017 - increased by 0.5%, and in annual terms (by May 2016) - decreased by 2.7%.


According to the National Statistical Committee, consumer prices for refined sugar have increased by 0.2% in May 2017, and by 9.3% in year-on-year terms (by May 2016).



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