Russian and CIS sugar news, Feb 02, 2021

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GC "Prodimex" plans to launch its Liskinsky sugar plant in February to increase the processing of off-grade sugar into premium product. This  grade of sugar is used by the largest multinational corporations in the production of beverages. In addition to the Liskinsky sugar plant, now only the Olkhovatsky plant is engaged in the production of this category of sugar in Prodimex.


The Ministry of Economy will begin to accept applications from importers to distribute of the tariff quota for the import of raw cane sugar to Ukraine, starting from February 5, 2021. As reported on the website of the Ministry of Economy on Monday, the quota for the import of raw sugar in 2021 was set at 260 thousand tons.


According to the National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova, processed by Sugar.Ru, in Moldova, the sugar beet harvest in 2020 amounted to 424 thousand tons (-30.2% or -183 thousand tons by 2019), with an average yield of 327 kg / ha. (-18.3%).



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