Sugar market news from Russia and Customs Union, 02 Sept, 2020

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation, as of September 1, 2020, sugar beets were harvested from 51.4 thousand hectares or 5.5% of the area sown; 2 million tons of beet collected; average yield makes 38.86 MT/ha.


The harvesting of sugar beet has started in Tambov Region. Over 93 thousand hectares were sown with beet this year. All five sugar factories in the region will be launched for sugar beet processing.


According to Soyuzrossahar, as of September 01, 2020, sugar beet harvesting campaign continues in the Southern, North Caucasian, Central and Siberian federal districts. Total acreage harvested has made 57.0 thousand hectares (6.1% of the crop acreage); 2.2 million tons of sugar beet collected, which is twice less than last year. In 2019, total area harvested was 133.5 thousand hectares on this date.


The duty on import of raw sugar to the Customs Union remains at $ 250/MT in September 2020. The average monthly price for raw sugar at the ICE stock exchange was $ 282,38/MT in August 2020, respectively, the import duty in October 2020 will remain at the level - $ 250/MT.



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