Russian and CIS sugar news, Nov 27, 2019

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Despite the high yield of sugar beets (over 5 million tons), farms in the Tambov region will suffer financial losses due to low sugar prices, Deputy Head of the Tambov Region Administration Sergey Ivanov said.


Sugar beet harvesting is completed in Oryol region; 2.3 million tons of beets collected (2.053 million tons in 2018) with an average field yield of 44.1 MT/ha (40.39 MT/ha in 2018). By November 25, 2019 a volume of 1.5 million tons of beet was processed and 239 thousand tons of sugar produced, sucrose content made 15.8%, the regional administration reports.


As of November 26, 2019, sugar beets were harvested from an area of 1.1 million hectares or 98.3% of the area sown (in 2018 - 1.1 million hectares), 53.3 million tons of beet collected (in 2018 - 41, 1 million tons) with average yield of 47.34 MT/ha (in 2018 – 37.58 MT/ha).


As of November 27, 2019 the gross yield of sugar beets has made 1.1 million tons in the Ternopil region, the regional administration reports. Sugar factories in Khorostkov and Chertkov received 1 million 143 thousand tons of sugar beets; 173.3 thousand tons of sugar were produced.


Sugar stocks with industrial enterprises amounted to 239.7 thousand tons as of November 1, 2019, which is 129.9% higher than it was as of the first day of the previous month, reports the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Belarus.



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