Russian and Ukrainian sugar news, May 08, 2019

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of May 7, 2019, sowing of sugar beet (factory) in Russia was carried out on an area of 1.1 million hectares or 92,6% of the forecast area (in 2018 - 788.5 thousand hectares).


According to the analysis of data by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine for January-April 2019, conducted by Sugar.Ru, import of sugar (HS code 1701) has made 493 MT (108.0% compared to the same period in 2018), export - 137880 MT (67.0% compared to the same period in 2018). For April 2019 import of sugar has made 111 MT, export - 32274 MT. The largest exporters to Ukraine in monetary terms were: Denmark (21.7%), Mauritius (13.4%), France (12.1%). The largest importers from Ukraine in monetary terms were: Azerbaijan (22.9%), Kyrgyzstan (8.7%), and Tajikistan (8.3%).



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