Sugar market news from Russia and CIS countries, Apr 25, 2019

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of April 24, 2019, sowing of sugar beet in Russia was carried out on an area of 748.2 thousand hectares or 65.8% of the forecast area (in 2018 - 322.1 thousand hectares).


According to price monitoring data for the period from 18.04.2019 to 25.04.2019 the US dollar rate increased by 0,1% (on 18.04 - RUR 63,95/$, on 25.04 - RUR 63,98/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar has not changed from 34,40 RUR/kg, Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by 0,20 RUR/kg (-0,62%). US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar has not changed from $0,538 /kg, Krasnodar wholesale price dropped by $0,004 /kg (-0,79%).

Wholesale sugar prices fell again below 32 rubles / kg over the past week. Attempts to raise prices failed as such “expensive” sugar is simply not bought. One of the reasons is the so-called “collective farm sugar”. These are small batches of sugar left for storage at the manufacturer’s warehouse. On the eve of the new processing season, manufacturers are committing a planned repair and are asking “farmers” to release the warehouse. Having not sold its sugar at 37 rubles in due time in anticipation of the price of 40, today these small owners are forced to dump it at 32 rubles / kg. Brave reports from the sowing campaign also do not add optimism to the bears.

According to Sugar.Ru railway monitoring data, in 25 days of April Russia imported 22.6 thousand tons of white sugar, of which 21.5 thousand tons - Belarusian sugar, the rest - Ukrainian and Lithuanian, arrived in the Kaliningrad region. The export of sugar is still at the same level, from the beginning of April – 11.5 thousand tons of white sugar were shipped to Kazakhstan. The transit of sugar by the Russian railway amounted to 25.0 thousand tons since the beginning of April (9.4 thousand tons from Belarus and 15.6 thousand tons from Ukraine), deliveries were made to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


The agricultural holding Astarta-Kiev lowered sugar sales by 42% to 53.96 thousand tons in the first quarter of 2019, according to the website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The average selling price of sugar decreased by 15% to 9.82 thousand UAH / t.


The Merken sugar factory ows over 600 million tenge (101.27 million rubles) to peasant farms in the Zhambyl region for the beetroot received last year, the Kazakh press reports.


In the first quarter of 2019 Uzbekistan bought foreign sugar for $ 21.7 million. This is almost 84% less than in the first quarter of last year, the local press reported.



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