Sugar market news from Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, Mar 27, 2019

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture figures dated March 26, 2019, farmers in Krasnodar region and the Chechen Republic have sown sugar beet on an area of 5.6 thousand hectares or 0.5% of the forecast acreage.


Livnysakhar LLC intends to launch a new pulp drying plant worth over RUR 400 million in 2019, the director of the enterprise has announced.


Sugar beet was seeded on an area of 530 hectares in Kyrgyzstan as of March 23, 2019, which makes 3.5% of the plan, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.


Kyrgyzstan and Russia intend to set up joint ventures for the production of sugar on the basis of the Koshoi and Kaindy-Kant factories, said Deputy Director of Prodimex Dmitry Piskunov.


Sugar stocks with industrial enterprises amounted to 259.7 thousand tons on March 1, 2019, which is 16.3% less than it was as on February 1, 2019, according to the National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus.



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