Sugar market news from Russia, Belarus and Georgia, Mar 20, 2019

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According to Rosstat data, processed by Sugar.Ru, sugar stocks with the wholesale trade decreased over the month by 3.10% in February 2019 and has made 125193.9 MT (in previous month - 129195.8 MT, in February 2018 - 173669.2 MT)


According to Rosstat data, processed by Sugar.Ru, the sale of sugar by large and medium wholesale organizations increased over the month by 43.87% in February 2019 and has made 264397.5 MT (in previous month - 183779.3 MT, in February 2018 - 220206.9 MT)


About 32 thousand hectares will be allotted for sugar beet In the Grodno region in 2019, informs the regional administration.


In 2019 season the agricultural organizations are charged to ensure the production of sugar beet in the amount of 5.0 million tons it is planned to sow 98.0 thousand hectares to achieve the goal, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.


According to the analysis of data by National Statistics Office of Georgia, conducted by Sugar.Ru, in February 2019 the import of white sugar (HS code 170199) has made $1.2 million ($3.2 million in 2018). Totally in for January - February 2019 Georgia imported white sugar for $2.7 million ($8.6 million in 2018). Export of white sugar in January - February 2019 has made $0.0, total for 2 months 2019 - $0.0 (in 2018 - $106.8).



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