Sugar news from Armenia, Russia and Ukraine, Jan 10, 2019

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The duty on import of raw sugar to the Customs Union rise to $ 250/MT in January 2019. The average monthly price for raw sugar at the ICE stock exchange was $ 276,65/MT in December 2018, respectively, the import duty in February 2019 will remain at the level - $ 250/MT.

According to price monitoring data for the period from 27.12.2018 to 10.01.2019 the US dollar rate dropped by -2,7% (on 27.12 - RUR 68,89/$, on 10.01 - RUR 67,08/$). Ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by 0,20 RUR/kg (+0,52%), Krasnodar wholesale price has not changed from 36,80 RUR/kg. US dollar Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by $0,018 /kg (+3,22%), Krasnodar wholesale price increased by $0,015 /kg (+2,81%).

Nothing happens on the market since the end of last year. Prices are standing still, there are almost no sales. Many market participants have not yet returned to Russia from the New Year holidays. Intrigue is introduced by the announced sale of sugar from the state reserve, volumes announced are in the range 1-10 thousand tons for a number of cities, we can expect about 50 thousand tons total (we will specify the figure in the nearest future). The timing of this sugar emerging at the market is not yet known, and the proposed sale schemes, let's say, are not entirely transparent.

Railway shipments are also minimal, for 10 days of January only 2 thousand tons were shipped for export by railway (for the whole of December - 12,700 tons). Import from Belarus amounted to 8.4 thousand tons, sugar transit by the Russian railway - 5.4 thousand tons (for the whole of December - 33 thousand tons


According to Ukrstat data, processed by Sugar.Ru, the production of sugar decreased over the month by 22.46% in November 2018 and has made 528584.0 MT (in previous month - 681677.0 MT, in November 2017 - 615778.0 MT). Total 1543648 MT of sugar have been produced in January-November 2018 (in January-November 2017 - 1633358 MT). The stocks of sugar increased to 788273.0 MT in November 2018 (+45.40% vs. previous month, +15.88% vs. November 2017 and -3.29% vs. December 2017).


According to Armstat data, processed by Sugar.Ru, export of sugar (HS code 1701) in January-November 2018 has made 0.0 MT, for the same period last year - 0.0 MT. Import of sugar (HS code 1701) increased over the month by 3474.34% in November 2018 and has made 31610.8 MT (in previous month - 884.4 MT, in November 2017 - 36404.7 MT, in November 2016 - 448.5 MT). Import of sugar in January-November 2018 has made 79519.4 MT, for the same period last year - 88508.3 MT.



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