Sugar news from Russia, Armenia and Turkmenistan, Jul 02, 2018

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About 50 thousand hectares of farmland suffered in the Krasnodar Territory as a result of hail, including sugar beet crops, the regional administration reports.

According to the railway monitoring data by, in January - June 2018 Russia has imported 135,116 MT of sugar. The largest exporting countries to Russia were Belarus (95.51%) and Lithuania (4.03%). Russian exports amounted to 214,987 MT, the main countries - receivers of sugar were Uzbekistan (50.19%) and Kazakhstan (37.90%).

Domestic shipments amounted to 716028 MT, the largest volume of shipments was made by Cheremovsky sugar plant (5.57%) and Bekovsky sugar plant (5.47%). The total transit by rail through the territory of Russia has made 260,872 MT.


According to the analysis of Statkom of Armenia, conducted by, production of sugar in May 2018 has made 16.0 thousand tons (in May 2017 - 18.9 thousand tons, in May 2016 - 17.4 thousand tons). Total 16 thousand tons of sugar have been produced in January-May 2018 (in January-May 2017 - 39 thousand tons).


In late July, entrepreneurs were allowed to convert 3% of the amounts in their accounts to US dollars, thanks to it the price deficit and food prices began to decline. As for sugar, it, as before, is sold only 2 kilograms per person. However, the queues are no longer there.



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