Russian and Ukrainian sugar news, Nov 22, 2017

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, as of November 21, 2017, sugar beet was harvested from the area of 1,127,900 hectares or 95.9% of the total crop acreage (in 2016 - 1.1 million hectares).


Molasses desalination station as planned by Rusagro GC in Belgorod region will be projected to produce 80,000 tons of sugar per year.

By November 22, Tatarstan produced 200 thousand tons of sugar from the sugar beet harvested in 2017. JSC "Zainsky Sugar" produced 107 thousand tons of sugar, LLC "Buinskiy sugar" - 60 thousand tons, JSC "Nurlatsky sugar" - 34 thousand tons.


The company "Poltavazernoprodukt", a part of the agro-industrial holding "Astarta-Kyiv", completed the collection of sugar beet with the yield of 41.5 MT/ha. The area under sugar beet was 6.2 thousand hectares this year, over 190 thousand tons of sugar beet was dispatched for processing, the average sucrose content has made 17.2%.



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