Sugar news from Armenia, Belarus and Russia, Oct 31, 2017

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No sugar deals at the offered price of RUR 23/kg (basis ex-warehouse in the Central Federal District) were concluded on October 27 and 30 at NTB exchange. The most likely reason, the secondary market believes this price is too high, and this means a possible drop in prices at the exchange in the short term from already record low level. A number of companies are already offering sugar at the price of below RUR 23/kg basis ex works.


According to Soyuzrossahar, as of October 30, 2007, total acreage of sugar beet harvested has reached 1017.4 thousand hectares (84.9% of the crop area); the average yield makes 42.5 MT/ha. In 2016 on same date, total 967 thousand hectares were harvested.


According to the figures by Williams Brasil dated October 31, 2017, total 21 vessels have been nominated to carry 748 020 MT of raw cane sugar in 2017 season from Brazilian seaports to the Black/Baltic seaports with end-receivers in CIS, Georgia and Baltic states. As of today, the volume received and unloaded makes 642 020 MT from 18 vessels, based on Sugar.Ru data.


In September 2017, Armenia imported 1,743 tons of sugar and raw sugar (HS Code 1701) for $ 864.42 thousand; and 314.4 tons of other sugars (HS code 1702) for $ 159.14 thousand and 153.07 tons of molasses (HS code 1703) for $ 29.08 thousand, the National Statistical Service of Armenia reports.


According to the analysis of the data of the Federal Customs Service of Belarus, conducted by Sugar.Ru, in 8 months (January-August) of 2017, imports of cane sugar (HS code 170113) amounted to 40111 tons (in 2016 - none), imports of other cane sugar (HS code 170114 ) - 106 thousand tons (in 2016 - 257 thousand tons). Total imports of raw sugar in January-August 2017 amounted to 146 thousand tons.

Export of refined white sugar (HS code 170199) amounted to 305 thousand tons (in 2016 - 226 thousand tons); Import of refined white sugar - 27252 tons (in 2016 - 477 tons). The main recipient of refined Belarusian sugar was Russia - 160 thousand tons, Kazakhstan received 30 thousand tons, Kyrgyzstan - 11 thousand tons. The remainder, about 100 thousand tons, went beyond the countries of the EAEC.



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