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As reported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, sugar beet was seeded on an area of 1172.9 thousand hectares by of May 30, 2017 or 103.9% to the forecast (in 2016 - 1.06 million hectares).


From 23 to 29 May 2017, consumer prices for sugar have not changed, reports Rosstat. Since the beginning of May 2017 the consumer sugar prices fell by 0.2%, and from the beginning of the year (by the end of December 2016) - by 9.5%.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the price for refined sugar from producers amounted to average 36.3 thousand rubles per ton (-1.2% per week) in Russia on May 22, 2017.

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According to price monitoring, for the period from May 25, 2017 to June 1, 2017, the US dollar rate went up by 0.7% (on May 25 - RUR 56.27 / $, on June 01 - RUR 56.69 / $). The ruble Moscow wholesale price for sugar increased by RUR 0.70 / kg (+ 2.02%), the Krasnodar wholesale price increased by RUR 2.00 / kg (+ 6.06%). US dollar wholesale Moscow sugar price increased by $ 0.008/kg (+ 1.30%), the wholesale Krasnodar price increased by $ 0.031 / kg (+ 5.29%). Significant growth in prices is observed in most other cities in Russia.

The growth of wholesale prices for sugar comes to a ruble per day, and always takes place according to a single scenario. "Prodimex"; increases its prices in the morning; other market participants stare at it with amazement, and also raise the price tag for sugar. The regions display utter disagreement; some speak about the activation of the market, some – about the complete lack of demand. However, the latter may be a variation of the old good preference rule "nothing ventured (this time - complaints) – nothing’s gained";. In any case, the company sell sugar by railcars with a delay of up to 21 working days, which means the contracting of long-distance deliveries for significant periods ahead and exclusive prices for large customers, which differ from those officially announced.

As we have already mentioned in previous surveys, the export of Russian sugar by rail falls, compared to the last months. In May alone total 31.1 thousand tons were delivered by rail, after a record of 48 and 50 thousand tons in March and April. May export to Azerbaijan fell 2 times, down to 10.8 thousand tons, compared to April, the supply of sugar to Kazakhstan increased by 10% (total 14,1 thousand tons). Russian sugar was received by Kyrgyzstan I the same month of May. Uspensky sugar factory ("Prodimex") continued to dispatch sugar to the seaport of Novorossiysk, probably soon we will see another supply of Russian sugar by sea. Total volume of 265 thousand tons of sugar was exported by rail in the season 2016/17 (May inclusive), so we can expect a figure close to 300 thousand tons this marketing year (in 2016/17 MY - 5.7 thousand tons), not counting the "gray" automobile export. At the same time, we see a decline of sugar imports to Russia, for 10 months of previous period total 234,000 tons have been delivered by rail to the Russian Federation, in current marketing year - 205,000 tons.


From 19 to 30 May, the weighted average sugar prices rose by 0.5% to make UAH 16.53 / kg (35.42 rubles / kg at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation), according to the State Statistics Committee. The highest prices are observed in the Lugansk region - UAH 17.65/kg (37.82 rubles / kg), the lowest - in Rivne - UAH 15.83/kg (33.92 rubles / kg). In a year (from May 30, 2016), sugar in Ukraine increased in price by 20.2%. 1


In June 2017, the duty on imports of raw sugar into the Customs Union has increased to US$ 227/MT. The average monthly price for raw sugar on the ICE exchange in May was US$ 345.21/MT, in July 2017, the duty would remain at US$ 227/MT.



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